Middle and High School Programs

Traveling Trunks

Coming Spring 2019! Check back in February for specifics on availability, cost, and length of rental.

Shawnee Town has developed two traveling trunks based upon our popular History Detectives program. Middle school and high school students will have an opportunity to handle 1910’s - 1930’s artifacts such as The Saturday Evening Post and Child Life magazines, World War I iron soldiers and a “Lindy” airplane, paper dolls, garden tools, hair crimpers, black and white photographs, $1 bills, an egg “weigher”, recipe books, lunch box, washboard, butter mold, Kansas license plate, newspaper comics, a fountain pen, button hook, etc. In almost every case, these are the real thing from the early twentieth century. They come to you in a 1920’s suitcase along with cotton gloves, microscopes, and description forms to be filled out by each student group.

Students will work in small groups to examine their assigned item, research it and present their findings to you and their class. As teacher, you will receive a brief guide and a description of each item with lead questions to ask the students about their item.

This is an excellent program for putting students in touch (literally) with history! They have an opportunity to be a museum curator for the day and experience what museum professionals do with each artifact that the museum accepts. In some cases, they will learn that items have multiple and sometimes surprising uses over time. In addition, through research and class presentation, they will develop communication and writing skills.