1st through 3rd Grade Programs

To Market - (1 hour - 1 hour and 15 minutes)

Centers on our farmstead where students plant seeds or harvest vegetables (seasonally-based and weather permitting), wash clothes with a washboard, learn about our rooster Duke and his hens, prepare vegetables for market, learn the biology of plants from seed to market to table, and maybe even dance the Charleston played on our farmhouse’s Victrola!

    • Gardening - depending upon the season either plant seeds or harvest vegetables. 
    • Chickens - learn about our chickens, their type, what color eggs they lay and why, where they live, their favorite foods.
    • Farmer's Market - prepare vegetables to take to the Kansas City Market, wash and clean them, place them in containers, etc.
    • Farmhouse - a real 1920s farmhouse. furnished and ready to live in!
    • Chores - laundry was done and butter and made using the "old fashioned" tools of the trade

To Market Lesson Plan (pdf)
Vocabulary Page 1 (pdf)
Vocabulary Page 2 (pdf)
Word Search Farmstead #1 (pdf)
Word Search Answers for Farmstead #1 (pdf)
Word Search Farmstead #2 (pdf)
Word Search Answers for Farmstead #2 (pdf)
Recommended Books (pdf)
A Green Bean's Life Cycle Worksheet (pdf)
Old MacDonald Had a Farm (pdf)